Scottish Books




Some photos of the author and places mentioned in her books.

All of the books are either set in Scotland or feature Scottish people.


The author at The Globe Inn in Dumfries, Scotland.  The Inn was frequented by Robert Burns and is visited by characters in her book Faeries, Farms and Folk.

The author and her husband on a cruise that inspired her novella The Last Hurrah.   Each  historical fiction book takes around nine months of research, writing and editing before publication, however The Last Hurrah story idea raced along at a great rate of knots!  Carmel is also very involved in marketing her books.

In the 1600s and 1700s, people in the south-west of Scotland lived in cottages and worked the land on common grounds.  In winter, the animals lived inside the houses with them.  The people's lives were ruled by the kirk (church) and they were very superstitious.  Anyone (usually a woman) could be accused of being a witch and condemned.

Far Across The Sea takes young lads from the coal mines of Scotland to France in WWI, then follows the life of a lad desperate for adventure which sees him leave the dark isle for the sunny shores of Australia.
Brisbane in the 1950s was a far different place from Scotland and he learned to adapt.
In the 1800s, during and industrial revolution, people were forced off the land as it was swallowed up by large land owners, and forced into factories and coal mines to earn a living.  The conditions were dangerous and tuberculosis was rife.  Large families lived in two-room houses.  The author's great-great-grandmother buried seven children, victims of tuberculosis and miners' lung.  OURS YOURS AND MINES
THE UNDERTAKER takes a female undertaker, in Edinburgh in 1858, into the underground world of The Vaults as she prepares her clients for their final journey on earth and follows a serial killer.  The author takes readers into another dimension through a séance, channelling spirits and hypnotism.  Whether you believe in an after-life or not, the story will have you in its grip.